AMA Accountants specialise in Taxation and VAT matters. We manage, for our clients, all their tax and VAT return documentation, calculation, reporting and filing.

The VAT regime is so complex that many businesses unintentionally overpay or underpay VAT. Dealing with VAT can also act as a drain on your valuable in-house resources. Our qualified accountants will care and guide you with your VAT registration. We will also point out anything we think should be changed to positively affect your VAT registration, most of these will be suitable business structure plans for your company. Our team will make sure you receive the best experience with us for your business that you deserve. VAT returns can be done alongside bookkeeping if you wished, or on the same day you request it. This also refers to self-assessment. Our staff also offer advice on all relevant tax matters. Registrations for VAT will be explained to why they’re beneficial for your business if you have any concerns. All queries and other possible outcomes will also be addressed.

Our staff has technical knowledge and practical experience to help you in VAT matters and provide you with cost-effective solutions. We provide services to a number of different clients including small to medium size enterprises, non-profit organizations, we will help you to take care of your VAT affairs by your time and stress.

Our team of experts offer the best VAT Solutions and services and shall:

  • Help you to register for VAT;
  • Advise on using flat rate scheme;
  • Completion of VAT returns;
  • Assist in Vat Investigations;
  • Negotiation with HMRC in disputes; and
  • VAT Deregistration.

VAT Investigations:

The VAT regime is notoriously complex, which can lead to businesses overpaying or underpaying the tax. The VAT authorities also have extensive powers to investigate issues including evasion and criminal offences, such as fraud, and in certain cases investigations can go back 10 years.

Potential consequences include the recovery of underpaid VAT, plus penalties and interest, and, in the case of criminal activities, prosecutions that can lead to fines, prison sentences and seizure of assets.

If your business is under investigation on a VAT issue, our specialist team can provide expert advice and support to identify the most effective way forward. We can represent you in dealings with the VAT authorities, including making disclosures, and advise you on the best way forward to achieve an appropriate outcome.

AMA Accountants can also act as technical advisers for solicitors with a client facing a criminal investigation for VAT fraud or as specialist witnesses for clients involved in civil cases involving VAT disputes.