One of the most common causes of business failure is badly structured or inadequate financing, so it makes sense to work with experts in this specialist area. Our team of experts are able to review your position and give you objective, realistic advice to help you make decisions about the most effective and affordable way forward for funding your project.

AMA Accountants will help to draw up a detailed and persuasive business plan for potential lenders, then advise and assist you in sourcing the best finance options. We have contacts with a range of commercial lenders, including banks and other financial institutions, but we can also introduce you to alternative sources of funding, such as government schemes, business angels, venture capital specialists and peer-to-per lenders.

Our expertise and contacts will help you open doors that may otherwise have remained closed for you and we can also assist in negotiating on your behalf to secure the most appropriate package and terms.

Our services include:

Business Plan:

Our experts will sit with you and put your ideas and inspirations, of your new business or expansion, into shape of a documented business plan. The business plan is the business owner’s way of selling his business to lenders. It includes sales and marketing plans, a list of key personnel, an estimate of costs, a projection of revenue and an estimate on how much the business will need to borrow.

Financials & Projections:

AMA Accounts can help you prepare and advise you on accurate and proper financial reports and projections. A lender is going to consider your loan application if they can have access to your business’ financial reports. A lender will want to see your accounts payable, accounts receivable and your expenses.

Your projections are found in your business plan. This information is your company’s actual performance. The lender will want to see verified growth in revenue from year to year before investing in your company.

Loan Application:

Our team will fill out the loan application for you and have it ready to submit to the bank and if required arrange for face to face meetings with the lender. We will advise you all the lending requirements and guide you to the best suited product for your business finance requirements.