Legal disputes over money are an unfortunate fact of life in both the business world and in our private lives. The financial information involved may appear to create what seems to be an impenetrable maze. That’s where the specialist forensic accounting skills of AMA Accountants can be crucial.

Our team of experts will use their accountancy and investigative skills to examine the issues involved, looking beyond the numbers to establish the reality of the situation. Then we shall provide clear, concise analysis suitable for presentation in court. Whether the issue is a matrimonial or commercial dispute or an insurance, personal injury or professional negligence claim, we can help.

We can also assist the legal profession in criminal cases, including fraud and false accounting and in Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 proceedings, which allow for the confiscation of assets following conviction for offences listed in the Act. In these cases, the amount sought for confiscation is based on the defendant’s benefit from his criminal conduct.

AMA Accountants offers forensic accounting expertise in this specialist area. We work both with prosecutors seeking to examine the defendant’s financial affairs, in order to calculate the sum to be sought in a confiscation order, and with defendants disputing prosecution estimates of the degree to which they have benefited financially.