All business entities, regardless of size and operation, are required by law to file their income tax returns. It the accountant’s job to ensure strict compliance with this and other laws governing the corporation’s financial matters. Subject to the territorial jurisdiction of the country in where the corporation is incorporated the corporation has to comply with the taxation regime.

All earnings from business, investments and dispositions of assets requires the corporation to pay corporate taxes to the government. All companies incorporated in the UK have to pay tax on earning from the UK or overseas, while companies incorporated outside of the UK have to pay tax on any earnings made within the UK.

AT AMA Accountants our job is to ensure that all our clients meet required compliance standards with every statutory requirements and HMRC regulation. Our team of experts prepare and maintain record of all financial and accounting activities done by the client company, based on which we file annual accounts and corporation tax returns on or before the due dates respectively.

In addition to regular and procedural advise, AMA Accountants experts can also assist our clients in useful corporate tax planning and forecasting on upcoming years’ business progression and expansion based on the clients’ future requirements. Our specialists are always available for your corporate tax needs whether it be consultations, tax advices, or actual procedural assistance.