Capital Gain Tax is the tax on profits, received from the sale of such assets, as real estate, shares, bonds, and precious metals. Different countries have different rules and expert accountants like AMA Accountants with their experience and expertise can advise clients on how to maximize your profits.

The growing complexity of business accounting practices brings new challenges in this area of taxation. Traditional accountants just could not cope with all modern tax and fee trends in their countries, as well as, on the global market. Therefore, high skilled qualified accountants, with powerful domestic and international accounting background, are hired by progressive business organizations all around the world. Having their own financial know –how, they know a lot of financial loopholes and bank regulation moments, which could notably minimize your taxes, and significantly streamline your business and the cash flow. At AMA Accountants our experts work with our clients on an ongoing basis or project-to-project basis.

AMA Accountants has over the years considerably enlarged the list of services offered to small and medium sized corporations and high net-worth individuals to allow our clients to enjoy maximum capital gains with minimum tax liabilities. Our experts provide individually tailored services and offer solution that best fit the clients’ needs. We hold a high reputation, especially, while dealing with CGT assets, this we offer completely new packages of services designed to every client’s particular requirements.