In the life of any business, the owner will almost certainly think about stepping aside at some point. In many cases, the transition will be achieved by passing the business on to children or other family members but in others the owner will decide to sell, enabling them to retire or to move on to a new challenge. If you have spent years building a successful business, taking time to plan your disposal – even if it is several years in the future – is essential or you could find that your hard work fails to bring the rewards you had hoped for.

Since we work with business owners to plan ahead for their exit date, we can advise on maximising the market value of their enterprise and on timing the eventual sale to mitigate tax liabilities and take full advantage of tax planning opportunities.

At AMA Accountants, we will support your decision and provide you with advice on the disposal. With our advice, we’ll help you with different types of strategic methods and plans for selling up and passing down to the next appropriate family member. As markets and businesses evolve, many house owners and business managers realize that changes got to be created. Typically this may involve commercialism all or a part of a business that not performs to its potential, or not fits the strategic vision. Such disposals square measure commonplace, and an indication of robust management and active possession.

Our team of experts can also advise you on the best method of sale, including a management buyout or buy-in, for example, help in sourcing a buyer and provide expert advice on issues including valuations and sales negotiations. Our business disposal services also include due diligence.

After completion, we can continue to advise you, whether you are moving on to another venture or want expert advice on ways to ensure a comfortable retirement and protect your assets for future generations, through tools including estate planning, trusts and wills.