We at AMA Accountants always focus on our clients’ needs and hold that each client is important and each client deserves our best services and advise. Our team of experts work closely with our clients and act for a broad range of business and personal clients.

Our ethos and philosophy is very simple, to do our best to:

  • Always provide our clients with efficient, courteous and professional service;
  • Always listen to our clients need and requirements first before we advise and recommend;
  • Always asses our clients’ financial circumstances with an out of the box and proactive approach;
  • Always keep our clients up to date with your matters being dealt by us via email, text or phone;
  • Always keep our fees to what was agreed with our clients and not surprise you with additional costs;
  • Always keep our clients’ tax bill to the lowest possible using all possible legal and allowable ways;
  • Always advise our clients how to prepare and present their paperwork for timely reporting;
  • Always exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our range of clients includes limited companies, partnerships, self-employed traders and micro enterprises etc. At AMA Accountants we take pride in providing a professional services to meet beyond our clients’ expectations. Being versatile and having exposure over a large array of industries and business processes, we have a one-stop-shop where our clients get any financial requirement fulfilled in one place with confidence.

From preparing your books to advising you on taxation to administering your payroll and book keeping, you can count on our expert team to provide even the most basic services with the highest level of professionalism. We can also provide more specialised services, tailored to the unique needs of your organisation. Most importantly, we have never forgotten the importance of the ‘personal touch’. We’re more than happy to tailor our working day to suit yours – you can arrange to see us at times which are convenient to you. Our base is in a prominent location in Streatham, away from the city centre with its associated overheads. It’s easy to reach, with plenty of parking available in front of the office or in the residential streets around.

We have small but highly qualified, experienced and professional team of Accountant and Tax consultants. The main focus of AMA Accountants is to help our clients with their tax problems and provide excellent accountancy services. Our tax services include a personal tax planning, a corporate tax planning, helping out with VAT returns, and capital gain taxes. Our team of experts give business advice for every need, including starting up advice and help with getting up on its feet with tailored solutions for setting up and also assist you with business grants and loans.

We offer bookkeeping services to help you stay on top of your financial position and track your finances any day of the month. Our team of experts will help with all your financial matters. We also have payroll managements to help organize your employees’ finances as well as like their payment and tax forms. We will also examine your budget and cash flow, where your money is and should be going.